Forklift Counter Balance/Reach Truck/Pallet (Experienced Operatives)

Forklift Counter Balance/Reach Truck/Pallet (Experienced Operatives)

Suitable for:
Any person with previous experience in operating a Forklift.

Course Code: HSST75

The course has been designed so that learners understand how to safely and effectively operate the Forklift truck, understand the need and principles of accident prevention, identify the safe working load of each machine as referred to on the load chart, understand the safety aspects when working with racking systems and to figure out fully the process of load weight assessment and handling of awkward loads.



  • Legislation
  • Accident prevention & causation
  • Review the basic parts and operation of the Forklift truck
  • Pre-operational checks, fault finding and Maintenance
  • Battery Charging and maintenance
  • Stacking and de-stacking in open areas and confined areas.
  • Operating on an incline/decline
  • Theory & Practical Assessment

All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a Safety Solutions certificate of attendance for Forklift Counter Balance, valid for five years.

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