Effective Scaffold Management

Effective Scaffold Management

Suitable for:
All personnel who have responsibility for managing scaffolding on projects i.e. Construction Managers, Foreman, Safety Officers, Main Contractors.


Course Code: HSST71

This course is designed to ensure that attendees understand the legal requirements associated with scaffolding. The course will enable attendees to be able to identify an unsafe scaffold and understand their responsibilities in maintaining a safe scaffold.

  • Relevant Regulations & Codes of Practice
  • Scaffolding Terminology
  • Prevent falls in Scaffolding & False works (advanced guardrail systems)
  • Tube, fittings & boards
  • Safety ladder access & egress
  • Scaffolders training & working methods
  • Bracing & tying scaffolds
  • Mobile, static, loading towers & prefabricated towers
  • Independent & birdcage scaffolds
  • Various types of system scaffolds
  • How to carry out a scaffolding inspection
  • Scaffold tagging systems

All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive a Safety Solutions certificate for Effective Scaffold Management and a photo site card, valid for three years.

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