Industrial Electrical Systems for Mechanical Craftworkers

Industrial Electrical Systems for Mechanical Craftworkers
  • Duration:8 days
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  • Certification:Pending
  • Enrolled: 342

Course Code: MTT26

  • An appreciation of the rules relating to electrical safety.
  • An appreciation of the nature and behaviour of electricity including its quantification and effects.
  • Be familiar with circuit design, including the relationship between fuses/M.C.B’s, cable sizes and their current carrying capacities.
  • Describe how electric shock is prevented by means of protection against direct and indirect contact, including R.C.D’s, earthing and bonding.
  • Describe D.C. and A.C. single phase and three phase, their relative merits and applications.
  • Develop an awareness of electromagnetism and its applications in contractors, motors and solenoids.
  • Describe the operation of three phase induction motors, their control protection, connection and testing.
  • Be capable of constructing control circuits, incorporating various forms of switches, contactors and protection devices.

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